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Cattail Hand Bag

6 hrs weaving + 1 hr meal break

Fee: 120-150$/student, (includes lunch)

8 people max  


This in an all-day intensive course designed to introduce you to several basketry techniques that you can use with cattail leaves. Each student will go home with a complete small handbag made entirely out of this local, wild and renewable resource. Class fee is 130$ + material fee (20$) Lunch is included! 

Cattail and Grapevine Ribbed Basket 


5 hr workshop + 1 hr break. *this course can be split into two 3 hr sessions

Class fee : 120-160$  


This two-day workshop is designed to introduce you to the structure of a ribbed basket, and to quickly dive into weaving a sturdy functional bowl-shaped basket with inset handles. Snacks and wine will be served.


Students will also learn how to harvest and prepare both grapevine and cattail leaves for weaving. At the end of the course, everyone will leave with a basket made entirely from local plants. Wine, snacks and all materials included. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and for kids 12+ in age.

Beginner Cattail Basket

3 hrs weaving + 30 minute break

Fee: 85-100$/student,

10 people max  


This in a workshop designed to get you into weaving a beautiful and functional basket quickly! You will learn a combination of flat-material techniques as well as twining and creating a woven a border. Each student will go home with a complete small basket made entirely out of this local, wild and renewable resource.

Wall-hanging Cattail Mesh Basket 

6 Hr workshop + 1 hr break*

* can be broken up into 2 shorter workshops

Course fee: 110-150$ 

This is workshop will give you the skills and materials to weave this open-mesh basket completely out of foraged cattail leaves. You'll leave the course with a head start on a mesh basket, and the materials to finish it off at home. Optional drop-in studio hours the following weekend if you want to finish your basket or get extra help.   



Wet-felted Beret

(or Bowl) 

4 hr workshop + 30 minute break

Course Fee = 120-150

plus materials 10-30$

This is workshop is a unique opportunity to make a finished garment from animal fibers in just one day.  (100% local alpaca, no less). Wet felting allows for 3 dimensionally building seamless fabric. You'll leave with a finished  beret, and the knowledge of how to wet felt a hat or bowl. Wet felting requires some physical manipulation, much like kneading dough for 20 minutes would, so expect to work your arms and back as you turn fiber into fabric!.    

Needle-Felted Embelishments

2-3 hr workshop 

Course fee: 60-85$ (includes felting tools to take home)


Needle felting embelishments is a fun, quick way to add a decorative element to an existing item made from wool or other animal fiber (either knit or felted!). You can also use this as a chance to both repair and give new life to an old garment with holes. Either bring your own wool garment to embellish! You'll go home with two felting needles and felting pad plus the knowledge to felt your own designs onto more wool goods!  

Needle Felting for Beginners 

2 hr workshop

Course fee: 45-60$, includes felting tools to take home  


This is a very approachable workshop to get you needle felting! Students will leave the workshop with a completed felt mushroom as well as their own felting needle and pad to use on future felt sculptures. This class is suitable for kids 8 and up.   

Needle-Felted Owl

Windham, NY

Saturday, January 28th 1pm-3pm  

Sign up here!


This two hour workshop will walk you through creating your own creature out of wool, wire and feathers. You'll leave with your own little owl, and the knowledge about how to create creatures from this natural and local fiber. Students will also receive a felting needle and felting pad included with the class. Course fee - 60$, includes all materials. 

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